What do you want your website to do for your business?

I can help make your website work  … instead of just exist as an afterthought —

Let’s Use the Marketing Strength Cycle to build your business

With a web site audit, content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) revisions your sales and profits increase because:

  • The right prospective customers find you in search results.
  • Your site explains how your business will solve their problems and provide unique benefits over the competition.
  • Existing customers get the information they need without calling or emailing –  saving your business time and resources.

 Does your existing website get this done efficiently?

Today the web is all about providing the valuable information and optimized web content your potential customers are looking for online.  They are searching for information to improve their business or solve a problem.

Your website needs be found in search results and then provide that information.  It should prove with benefit based written content the depth of your business expertise, knowledge and capabilities.  And that you can solve their problems or reduce their costs!

It must also motivate customers to CONTACT YOU.  

Your website content must clearly communicate the benefits your products or services provide.  It should keep customers up to date with fresh new ideas, information and display a business personality your clients will like, trust and come to rely on.

As a technology website marketing consultant and web content creator, I can help you persuasively present your business and it’s benefits.

Attention getting headlines, valuable content and SEO optimized pages will get more of the right leads to your website.  Then your website personality and information will convince them to become a paying customer!

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